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August 22, 2012

WA Police Union President George Tilbury has commended Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan for heeding the Union’s call to immediately reinstate Senior Constable Mark Johnson.

Mr Tilbury said Senior Constable Johnson deserved certainty on his future with WA Police and the Commissioner’s decision today put to rest nearly two years of anguish for Senior Constable Johnson and his family.

“Senior Constable Johnson is a model police officer with more than three decades of excellent service to WA Police and I believe he is an asset to the Agency. With this decision, Senior Constable Johnson can now return to the job he loves and dedicate himself to protecting and serving the community of WA,” Mr Tilbury said.

The Union is still consulting with its legal team to determine if Senior Constable Johnson’s assault convictions can be appealed.

“We absolutely reject the Magistrate’s findings that Senior Constable Johnson assaulted Penelope Challice during the 2009 Spring in the Valley event,” Mr Tilbury said.

“And it seems that many members of the public agree with us. We have received numerous calls of support from the community and have even received offers to pay Senior Constable Johnson’s legal costs.”

Senior Constable Johnson has thanked the public and members of WA Police for their support during this difficult time.

“I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the Union and everyone who has supported me through this gruelling experience,” Senior Constable Johnson said.

“The overwhelming support from the ‘Blue Family’ and the general community has softened the blow of this conviction. I now look forward to getting on with doing the job that I love and enjoy.”