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It's Tough Enough

The WA Police Union Annual Conference, held over November 24-25, this year focused on the need to compensate medically retired officers and the welfare of those serving.… Read more

Heroism Medal rewards Smith's service

Christopher Smith was shocked when he won the Heroism Medal as part of the pride of Australia Awards recently.… Read more

WAPU launches Project Recompense

The WA Police Union launched its two-year research project, Project Recompense, which seeks a fair and equitable compensation scheme for medically retired police officers.… Read more

Serious health concerns for Pilbara police

Concern over mould and bacteria at two Pilbara police stations was yesterday increased after an attempt to clean one of the stations caused several staff to fall ill. … Read more

Magnetised to trouble

Over the course of 25 years in the job, Detective Sergeant Chris Turner has been involved in more than his fair share of critical, dangerous incidents. … Read more