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WA police officers were among many who stepped up to the challenge this month and shaved their locks for a good cause. 

The Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave raises funds for families facing blood cancer and to accelerate blood cancer research. 

Donnybrook’s Senior Constable Darren Browne had his locks shaved earlier this month at a joint emergency services event. 

He said it was his first time doing the shave for blood cancer. 

“It was myself and a couple of volunteers from Donnybrook SES and some firefighters who shaved or coloured our hair,” he said. 

“It was good getting some people together and having a bit of fun while raising money for a good cause.” 

Darren said his inspiration for taking part this year was his family. darren1website

“I have young children and it’s horrible to see what so many families and children go through when they are effected by cancer. If there’s anything I can do to make a small change and help out, I’ll do it,” he said. 

“Cancer is one of those things that affects everyone, it touches the lives of everyone.” 

“Doing the greatest shave is a bit of fun, especially in the current situation and also a great way for police to get out and interact with the community.” 

He said the police and emergency services event raised more than $800 in total.  

Seven officers from Homicide Squad Team 5 also participated in the Great Shave. 

Together they raised $2206.55 for the cause close to their hearts as cancer has affected a number of members in the team.

Police Auxiliary Officer Lisa Little also participated in the shave.

“Although I wasn’t brave enough to go the full shave, I was still able to participate with a half shave, which enabled me to raise a little more money for the great cause,” she said. 

“It’s important to continue to raise awareness for cancer, even more so now that COVID-19 dominates so much of our lives. We still need fundraising, donations and support for patients and their families.” 

By Jessica Cuthbert 

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