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Police Federation of Australia - Western Australia Police Branch E2018/111 - Part 1

Branch Executive Members – Central (2)


All Members are eligible to vote in this election.

This will be the first election where the first past the post voting system will be used so please ensure that you only tick ONE of the boxes provided.

The Ballot will open on Wednesday, 5 September 2018 and close at 1000 hours on Thursday, 4 October 2018.

GillMick Final
GILL, Michael Sergeant 7016, Shift Supervisor, Geraldton Police Station

Personal Statement: I joined the WA Police in 1985 and have worked in general duties, crime, traffic and intelligence areas of the WA Police.

I have maintained continual membership of the WA Police Union since joining the WA Police.

I became involved at branch level in 2002 whilst stationed at Katanning.

In 2012 I was elected as Director for the Central Region. I have served two terms as director for the Central Region and believe I have represented all WAPU members well.

My interest in unionism started well before I joined the WA Police in 1985.

Prior to joining up I became aware of the benefits of union membership after an industrial claim whilst working in a trade.

Working on the front line I have a good understanding of all members needs and issues.

I am passionate about members industrial and legal rights and if elected will continue to work at board level to safeguard members rights and conditions.

I will continue to ensure the board of directors fosters grass root level membership and ensure that the board remains relevant for the members.

FLAHERTY, Dave, Sergeant 8335, Staff Officer, Wheatbelt District Office

Service History:
1989 – 1992 Metropolitan stations, East Perth Lock-up and support units
1992 – 1995 Joondalup Police Station/Inquiry team
1995 – 1996 Two Rocks Police Station
1996 – 2004 Laverton Police Station/Desert Patrols
2004 – 2008 OIC Kellerberrin Police Station
2008 – 2009 Shift Supervisor – Northam Police Station
2009 – 2012 Operations Manager – Northam Police Station
2012 – 2016 Wheatbelt CICU/CFM
2016 – Present Staff Officer – Wheatbelt District Office

Union History:
1994 – 1996 Secretary Joondalup Branch
1996 – 1998 Secretary North Eastern Goldfields Branch
1998 – 2000 Vice President North Eastern Goldfields Branch
2000 – 2004 President North Eastern Goldfields Branch
2004 – 2005 Secretary Merredin Branch
2005 – 2008 President Merredin Branch
2009 – Present President Avon Branch
Winner – WAPU Dowd-Dempsey Award

Personal Statement: I am a motivated and driven individual who believes in the role and cause of the Union. I believe strongly that maintaining and improving our working conditions and ensuring protection for our members must remain the priorities for the Union and I will champion these causes.

Should I be successful, and elected as the Director for the Central Region I will ensure the Union's communications are enhanced and will make certain that the voice of all members has the opportunity to be heard and their issues considered.

My experience has shown that many issues can be resolved locally, however I am comfortable to escalate matters should the need arise. I will provide support, leadership, timely information and advice to all members by attending as many branch meetings within the Region as possible.

United we stand, divided we fall - I believe in “Strength in Unity” and see the need for an effective, cohesive board, acting in the best interests of members as being essential to effective progress.

If elected with your vote I will make every effort to ensure we the Union are in a position to improve your physical security, your work conditions and your work/life balance.