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Date: Monday 4 October 2021 
 The WA Police Union are supporting our member who today becomes the first serving WA officer to go on trial for murder in the line of duty for nearly 100 years.
"For two years, we've supported not only the accused police officer but also our other members involved in the incident in Geraldton in September 2019," said Mick Kelly, Acting President of the WA Police Union.
"We were by our member's side when he was charged. We were by our member's side when he pleaded not guilty. We'll be by our member's side when he goes to court.
"Supporting our members is what we do. We've engaged the services of an excellent team, led by Linda Black, to provide our member with the best possible legal representation.
"We represent nearly 7,000 police officers, police auxiliary officers and police cadets. We support all of our members, and we always act in their best interests."
Note: we'll not make further comments about this matter until the trial ends.
Media contact: Mark Worwood or Jessica Cuthbert on 9321 2155 or media@wapu.org.au