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We welcome the State Government's recent announcement regarding a 12 percent salary increase for youth custodial officers at Banksia Hill and Unit 18, which was made yesterday. This pay reclassification is well-deserved, considering the challenging and often violent environment in which these officers work.

While we view this as a positive step forward for our fellow protectors of the community, we would like to emphasise that our police officers also deserve an equal consideration and attention from the State Government.

Like youth custodial officers, our members face daily risks and put their lives on the line to ensure public safety. Unfortunately, violent crime rates are on the rise, and assaults against police have trebled compared to six years ago, highlighting the crucial need for support and recognition.

“Our workforce continues to suffer attrition due to the high-pressure nature of the job and the lack of adequate financial support. The exposure to serious incidents and the burden of work with limited resources are taking a toll on our personnel. Our members' mental and financial well-being are major concerns that need urgent attention.

“The skillset of today’s police officer has evolved and requires the same consideration by the State Government, the risks and challenges they undertake should be acknowledged, so they can continue to safeguard our community.

“This pay rise sets an important precedent and should signal to Premier Roger Cook the current State Wages Policy is antiquated,” President Paul Gale says.