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WA Police released its offence stats for the 2022-23 Financial Year earlier this morning. WA Police Union is concerned about the alarming rise in offence rates that our Police Officers deal with over recent years. 

We urge government to take decisive action to address this critical issue that affects the safety and well-being of our Police Force.

Officers are dedicated to protecting and serving our community, often putting their own lives at risk to ensure the safety of others. However, the increasing offence rates place an immense burden on our officers, stretching their resources and abilities to the limit.

There were 1,447 Assault Police Officer (APO) offences in WA in 2022-23. This is the equivalent of almost 1-in-5 of our Members being assaulted last financial year. The offence rate is the highest in 14 years as well as being the highest since mandatory sentencing was enacted.

The APO offence rate increased in 10 of the 15 WA Police Districts last Financial Year. Rates in the Kimberley, Pilbara, Mid-West-Gascoyne, and Perth CBD were three to nine times higher than the WA average.

“In 2013 the Attorney-General’s Department produced a statutory review of mandatory sentencing laws; the review recommended another review take place in 2018 to see if mandatory sentencing was still fit-for-purpose. That review never took place. This review is long overdue, and this is prevalent with the rising level of assaults against our members.

“The government also need to prioritise comprehensive social programs that target at-risk persons. Issues such as poverty, lack of educational opportunities, and limited access to mental health services contribute to crime. Addressing these issues have the potential to reduce crime in WA.

“WAPU will continue to advocate on behalf of Police for government and WA Police to implement effective strategies to combat this trend and maintain police safety,” President Paul Gale says.

A link to the Offence Statistics 2022-23 can be found here.


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